BCN MesoPure 8084, meso xela



BCN MesoPure 8084, meso xela

Meso xela is a daily-use gel for acne-prone skin. Its purifying properties are evident in its formula. It has gentle exfoliating, astringent and balsamic qualities. It also contains panthenol and salicylic acid. We also have allantoin (camphor), zinc, biotin, menthol and other active ingredients.

MesoPure offers the following benefits (BCN MesoPure 8084, mesoxela).

  • It is gentle and effective in exfoliating pores to prevent pore clogging.
  • Reduces and prevents pore dilation
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent acne from recurring.
  • It has an astringent effect, which helps to restore the natural skin balance.
  • Calms and cools the redness that is associated with inflammatory acne processes. It also homogenizes skin tone.
  • It can prevent and improve the appearance of acne marks.

MesoPure is the essential cosmetic addition to any professional medical-aesthetic treatment.


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