Buy Melaspeel K 40000834



Buy Melaspeel K 40000834

Buy Melaspeel K 40000834 , All the peels in this line of products originate from Jessne´s solution formula. Formulated in a hydroalcoholic base with a combination mixture of hydroxy acids (lactic, citric, and salicylic acids).

The pH of all the peels in this line of products varies between pH2.0 and 2.5.

What does Melaspeel K contain?

  • 14% Lactic acid
  • 12% Citric acid
  • 5% Kojic acid
  • 2% Salicylic acid

Vita Hair Online (5x5ml Vials) – Exclusive formula with vitamins, potent active ingredients. They also work in conjunction to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

  • Hair loss can be reduced by stress, hormonal or hereditary factors
  • You can also reduce hair fall due to stress, fatigue, or pregnancy.
  • Hair growth is stimulated
  • It also improves the hair’s quality
  • Relieves dry and stressed hair.
  • Finally, Fights dry eczema and seborrheic dermatologtitis .

What will I get in the box?

  • 1 x 5ml VitaHair
Key Ingredients

* Dexpanthenol is a hair strengthener and hydrator, also known as Panthenol. It binds to the shaft of the hair. It coats the hair, seals it, and makes it shiny and healthy.

* Biotin is an anti-hair loss coenzyme also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B7. High levels of biotin can lead to shiny, healthy hair and prevent hair loss.

* Thiamine: This water-soluble vitamin from the B complex group, also known as vitamin Vitamin B1, is essential for hair nutrition and health. Which phosphate derivatives play a role in many cellular processes?

* Pyridoxin, also known as Vitamin B6, is a hair booster that helps maintain the integrity of hair’s keratin. It plays an important role in red blood cell metabolism and protein synthesis.

* Ferrous Gluconate: This is a supplement to hemoglobin and myoglobin that promotes hair growth and thickening. Hemoglobin is a carrier of oxygen through blood to tissues and organs, as well as the scalp. This promotes new hair cell growth.

What ViaFace are the advantages of ?

  • Hormonal or herediatery hair loss
  • Stress, fatigue, or pregnancy can also cause hair loss.
  • Also, Tired and dehydrated hair
  • Finally, slow growing hair


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