Buy Peptidyal Fillers Online (5x5ml)


Buy Peptidyal Fillers Online (5x5ml)


Buy Peptidyal Fillers Online

Buy Peptidyal Fillers Online (5x5ml), Hyaluronic acid of Peptidyal (10mg/ml)has a low molecular weight that allows us to get an action on the surface of the skin. Thereby ensuring an exceptional moisturizing and a film-forming action by binding to the stratum corneum with tensor and protective effect.

Peptidyal is the result of an innovative scientific study aimed at the development of a Bio-restructuring product. Also able to actively support the physiological functional recovery of the skin. As well as in particular of the extracellular matrix.

A restorative and regenerative medicine that can stimulate fibroblasts through the use of precursors and amino acids. So as to produce collagen and also  elastin and hyaluronic acid and slow down the catabolic metabolism. This with scavenger on oxidative stress, in particular on Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and Reactive nitrogen species (RNS). It also reactivates biological repair and tissue regenerative processes.

Peptidyal has one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid HA in the Medical/aesthetic field ( from 50 to 100 mg of hyaluronic acid for every vials of 5 ml).


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