Buy Radiant Ultra fillers (1x1ml)



Buy Radiant Ultra fillers

Buy Radiant Ultra fillers Its also indicated for lip contour and volume and can be used on severe wrinkles. Its to be injected into the deep dermis or subcutaneously for volume augmentation and the mid to deep dermis for injection into lips.

indicated for correcting deep and severe facial wrinkles and folds. So as the achieve the best of result, the product to be injected into the deep dermis. Thereby giving the best of skin with smoothness. As such, buy  quality dermal fillers online Europe for your perfect smile. Also get more on quality dermal fillers benefits online Europe on our blog page.

As regarding the content, it contains Sodium hyaluronate as well as  BDDE and finally phosphate buffer solution

Brief historical statistics in regards to the evolution of these fillers;

 The year 2016 shows that out of the 113.237 patients treated, 90.3% reported a very much better score. A total of  12% reported a much improved score, 0.78%, reported an improved score and 0.0% reported no change.
2015 shows that out of the 10.932 patients treated, 46.4% reported a very significant  positive score, 21.5% good score and 17% reported an improved score. No unexpected adverse events were reported.
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