Buy Skinfill Diamond Plus (2x1ml)



Buy Skinfill Diamond Plus

Buy Skinfill Diamond Plus an absorbable filler that utilises hyaluronic acid. Also Skinfill known as the CE marked range of cross-linked hyaluronic-acid based fillers manufactured by Promoitalia.  And also available in different formulations suitable for each need and also equipped with optimum quality as well as  maximum tolerability for patients. More so, get the best of dermal fillers online Australia and also quality dermal fillers Australia with customer care.

A treatment specific for all facial areas

  • 2 x 1 ml syringes
  • Needles: 4 x 27G 1/2
  • Traceability label: 4
  • Cross-linked hyaluronate sodium concentration: 24 mg / ml
  • Crosslinking rate: medium
  • Phosphate Buffer PH 7.0 QS: 0.8
  • Origin of polymers: biofermentation
  • Crosslinking agent: BDDE

Hyaluronic acid present in the dermis known as physiologically attacked by endogenous hyaluronidase. More so the enzymes produced by fibroblasts that degrade the molecule and more so determine its reabsorption quickly.

To reduce this inevitable process the molecules of hyaluronic acid are crosslinked with chemical agents such as BDDE or DVS. quality dermal fillers Australia with customer care.

Major Uses include:


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