Buy Viscoderm 1.6 Online


Buy Viscoderm 1.6 Online


Buy Viscoderm 1.6 Online

Buy Viscoderm 1.6 Online a sterile colourless gel containing pure non crosslinked sodium hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) of non animal origin. Hyaluronic Acid concentration is 16 mg/mL. Also making it one of the best dermal fillers UK. Quality dermal fillers USA and Dermal fillers online Australia.

Viscoderm 1.6 revitalises skin while giving it a hold from rapid ageing.

The great benefits of Viscoderm include;

  • The hydration of the skin
  •  The Treatment of dry skin
  • Face treatment as well as  neck, décolleté so as to hold on ageing
  • Treatment of the skin with a moderate level of photo-ageing
  •  Viscoderm also increases volume of the face to replace lost fat
  • The Increment of  elasticity
  •  The Bio-restructuring of skin
  • It also do away with excess sun exposure
  • We also have it as initial or pre treatment for chemical peel procedures


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