Buy Vitten PN Plus (1x3ml)


Buy Vitten PN Plus (1x3ml)


Buy Vitten PN Plus

Buy Vitten PN Plus  helps regenerate the fibroblast collagen network in extracellular matrix. Get ten packs at discount prices as well as order our range of other products with coupon codes.

The vitten offers stimulates elastin production. Get to discover this with our best dermal fillers options online at ease.

PN (Polynucleotide)  derived from salmon sperm which is almost same as human DNA.
PN very much effective in treatment for damaged tissue as well as cell proliferation. Also we have extracellular matrix formation and restoration of blood vessel. Vittén PN  also a great medication in the treatment of skin problems.

The integrated support system and quality of the skin are improved. Buy the best of dermal fillers with no effects. Dermal fillers UK and Dermal fillers Australia.

Composition: Cross-linked HA 15mg + PN 5mg

The Depth: Superficial layer or epidermis / dermis

Time frame or Duration of treatment is 3 times for about two months

Note that it Lasts for six months.


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