Buy Xela Reshape Online (1x1ml)


Buy Xela Reshape Online (1x1ml).


Buy Xela Reshape Online

Buy Xela Reshape Online a hyaluronic dermal wrinkle filler – sterile, biodegradable, a certified non animal product. Xela long lasting, but not permanent, and slowly spreads underneath the skin to give it a smooth and natural look. Xela monophasic, which ensures perfect smoothness of the gel. Products give natural and long lasting effects, enduring from a period of a about 6months to a year. We are you #1 shop for dermal fillers online as well as we offer the best quality xela reshape.

Xela also fulfills the highest  as well as best quality levels and characterised by efficient and perfect guarantee. safety. Xela contains reticulating agent residuals which goes lower than the noticeable levels. (BDDE is less than 0.00001 %)

No Lidocaine offering 0% chances of risk of sensitivity feedback or response.
As well as an equillibrum of Hyaluronic Acid concentration and cross linking for minimal surrounding tissue pressure and granuloma formation.

Enumerated below are some of the great benefits of Xela;

  • lowers greatly the chances of inflammation, erythema and edema,
  • very low risk of sensitization,
  •  Complete absence of Tyndall effects,
  • homogeneous structure, capable of giving through catheters and needles of different diameter,
  • Simple and easy application, despite the high degree of crosslinking,
  • High concentration of integration with the tissues,
  •  Also offers The best opportunity to use in different areas,
  •  As well as formulation flexibility and plasticity.

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