Durolane SJ Small Joints (1ml)


Durolane SJ Small Joints (1ml)

Durolane SJ Small Joints (1ml) a safe injection containing non animal sterile hyaluronic acid . extinguish knee joint pain or osteoarthritis in small joints.


Durolane SJ Small Joints

Durolane Small Joints (1ml) an injection that is safe made up of non-animal sterile acid (NASHA). This can relieve knee joint pain and osteoarthritis within small joint. In one injection, Hyaluronic acid provides comfort and lubrication at the joint. In addition, it mimics the natural hyaluronic acids found in human tissues. Additionally, because of the purity of NASHA the product, there aren’t any chemical reactions or impurities. NASHA also has been used into more than 4.5 millions injections.

Additionally more, durolane SJ contains high concentrations of NASHA meaning that it is longer in the body in comparison to others NASHA products. This means that they are broken down faster.

How is Durolane SJ administered?

Durolane SJ is administered in the doctor’s office and takes only about 10 minutes for the procedure to be completed. The benefit of this procedure is that it requires only one injection in the hip joint or knee region. This is in contrast to other procedures that require multiple injections. The patient is at ease throughout the entire procedure as they know it will take just a couple of minutes.

The procedure may be repeated at future visits if needed.

What exactly does Durolane SJ actually do once it is instilled?

The Hyaluronic acid found in Durolane is a natural chemical that is present in our bodies. One of its primary characteristics, it acts as an absorber of shock. HA naturally is broken down by the body as it metabolizes and is later replaced. As we age and the metabolism of our body slows the replacement of HA occurs less frequently, which leads to less viscoelasticity. This leads to breaking down of bone and pain when it rubs against the skin. So replenishing the HA helps ensure there is continuous joint lubrication and also increases the viscoelasticity of HA, which helps to reduce discomfort.

How do you think Durolane SJ will last?

As compared to other treatments, Durolane lasts longer due to the hyaluronic acid.



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