IAL-SYSTEM ACP Auto Cross-Linked (HA 2.0%)


IAL-SYSTEM ACP Auto Cross-Linked (HA 2.0%)


IAL-SYSTEM ACP Auto Cross-Linked

IAL-SYSTEM Auto Cross-Linked (HA 2.0 percent) The IAL System is a lasting bio-revitalisation process to aid in the recovery. Also, it helps maintain the youthful appearance of skin, or to heal damaged skin caused by sun.

The innovative IAL ACP system ACP is an ongoing medical-cosmetic treatment. It is a long-term treatment for skin. IAL System is an effective treatment that lasts for a long time to improve and hydrate the quality of the skin. Results are visible after a few weeks, not just a few days.

The IAL is a non-animal-based the gel is made of hyaluronic acid and is administered to the skin with the use of a needle that is very fine. Utilizing a criss-cross pattern of tiny injections (the matrix method) this IAL system is able to spread itself over a vast surface of the skin.

In this way, the IAL is a suitable IAL for the following

Forehead/Brow linesdifficult as well as deep forehead Na sal lines are treated using the IAL system to increase the results of other treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. It is better to apply a good foundation prior to applying makeup.

also for mouth and eyes By through a series of injections, the fine lines around the mouth and the eyes can be reduced.

Finally on the Face/Neck/Decollete/Backs of the Hands – using a micropuncture technique as damaged skin in these areas can be revitalised.

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