Meso Gun DHN2


Meso Gun  DHN 2 Comes with

1, Free charger

2, Free Battery.



Meso Gun DHN2

A great 4 injection options are clearly displayed with warning lights that allow continuous injections, or using predetermined doses.The option is chosen by pressing the corresponding button (it can be adapted to any treatment that is classical especially to cellulitis)

Specifications for Meso Gun DHN2

Mechanical Mesotherapy device that allows for the use for micro injectors.

The DEN-HUB is a device constructed with high-quality molded polymer (nylon) along with stainless steel, which creates a highly robust to breaking and shock.

Easy to use, light 300g only
– adjustable needle penetration depth
This allows you to utilize various syringe sizes
Very low maintenance. It does not have any screws that could be isolated and damage the equipment
Hand-assembled extremely precise and secured. This ensures that every injection has the exact quantity of medication at the same level, thus avoiding any loss of drug and duration which makes the procedure less painful.
G) vital when you need urgently and clean up in the administration of medication in patients who are anxious, sore or tender

Great for(USES OF Meso Gun DHN2):

Veterinary(Especially for small, nervous and aggressive animals)







Cosmetic medicine (cellulite, implants, etc.)


Portable weight of  less than 300G

The pistol comes with a case.
This DHN 1 is provided with the mains supply as well as 20 kits.


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