Meso Injection Guns DHN 4


Meso Injection Guns DHN 4

Comes with:

1 Charger and 1 battery


Meso Injection Guns DHN 4

It is the DHN 4 gun meets the demands that the demanding, and permitting the practice of all types of injection.
Continuous injection, step by step or in bursts.
Micro-injections can be injected into the skin of the face to achieve the greatest effectiveness.
This innovative device allows you to achieve a higher pressure in the outlet of the needle, and also to carry out micro-injections with higher effectiveness.
The best results in facial rejuvenation treatment.
The frequency of the burst that occurs in the same order helps to ensure a better control over the operation of the device. Additionally, the ease of use makes it an extremely efficient device.
Lever trigger, which lets it be operated with less fatigue.
All conventional treatments especially for mesolift topping.

Conditioning of Meso Injection Guns DHN 4:

The pistol comes with a case.
The DHN 4 is supplied with mains power as well as 20 simplified kits.


Specifications for DHN 4:

Mechanical device to allow the use to micro-injections.

The DEN-HUB is a device constructed with high-quality molded polymer (nylon) as well as stainless steel which creates a highly break-resistant and shock resistant.

Easy to use, light, 300 grams or less
– adjustable needle penetration depth
This allows you to utilize different syringe formats
Very low maintenance. It does not have any screws that could be removed and cause damage to the equipment
Hand-assembled extremely precise and secured. It ensures that you inject the same quantity of medication at the same depth, which prevents the loss of medication and also time and making the procedure less stressful.
G) vital when you require quick and thorough cleaning for the application of medication to patients who are anxious, sore or tender

Great to:

Veterinary(Especially for small, nervous and aggressive animals)







Cosmetic medicine (cellulite, implants, etc.)


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