Mesotherapy Gun DHN 1


It comes with :

1 Battery

1 Charger


Mesotherapy Gun DHN 1

The first electric and electronic evolution of the DEN’HUB the needle’s penetration and the start of the injections are initiated with simple pressure applied to the skin, by retracting the foresight. Il operates in continuous injection mode as well as one through one mode. The warning light will indicate when the device is in usage.

Note: It is equipped with a stabilizer foresight as well as adjustments to the needle penetration.The injection is carried out via the pistol’s simple pressure applied to the foresight. Working in continuous or one through one injections.

The Weight of Mesotherapy Gun DHN 1:

The DHN 1 comes with a weight just approximately 300g.


The pistol comes with a case.
It is DHN 1 is provided with 20 kits and a mains supply.


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