Neauvia Organic Stimulate Fillers (1x1ml)


Neauvia Organic Stimulate Fillers (1x1ml).


Neauvia Organic Stimulate Fillers

Neauvia Organic Stimulate Fillers unique product, the only one which offers not only great filling effect but also a long term bio-stimulation. As well as the 26 mg/ml of HA is complemented with 1% of calcium hydroxyapatite.  A mineral occurring naturally in human body able to stimulate collagen production. As well as stimulate is a perfect choice every time when a patient is suffering from the lack of volume and density.

This new formulation from Neauvia brings a very natural volumizing effect thanks to its balanced crosslinking. And is perfectly adapted to work the surface volumes and also to obtain. A restoration of the volumes of the deep tissues.

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