Philos Philos SubQ Lidocaine (1×1.1ml)


Philos Philos SubQ Lidocaine (1×1.1ml)


Philos Philos SubQ Lidocaine

Philos Philos SubQ Lidocaine  suitable for patients who want to improve their facial shape and definition using a non-surgical method. Philos SubQ restores volume in the upper half of the face to give it a more youthful shape.

Philos SUB-Q is usually injected into the deep subcutaneous layer or subperiosteally. Also discover Philos Deep Lidocaine Fillers

Philos is use to enhance as well as maintain  many body parts;

  • Enhance the chin.
  • As well as restore temple hollowness.
  • And also diminish the appearance of a nose to mouth lines and also to give the face a fresher look.
  • Help in a Midface-lift to diminish the prominence of NL fold.
  • As well as rebuild the cheeks.
  • And finally to Shape the Jaw and mandibular bone.

Associated side effects of Philos SUB Q include mild swelling, redness, pain, bruising or tenderness and usually last between one to two weeks. Also Buy Plinest Body dermal Fillers Online, Philos Philos Fine Lidocaine, Philos Deep Lidocaine Fillers


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