Regenerative BioCosmetics Serum Capilar (1x50ml)



Regenerative BioCosmetics Serum Capilar (1x50ml)

Regenerative BioCosmetics Serum Capilar (1x50ml), a treatment for hair loss is a revolutionary method for capillary regeneration with visible results in a month. Also Suitable for both men and women. As well as it contains no allergens and is a growth factor developed via biotechnology.

Growth factors include Folistatin and VEGF, as main active ingredients. That prevent hair loss and favour the maintenance and proliferation of new follicles.  Also promotes capillary regeneration and strengthens hair growth. As well as It incorporates growth factors of plant origin that have undergone advanced biotechnology processes. So as to endow them with a humanlike protein structure. These assets behave like autologous growth factors used in medical-aesthetic revitalization therapies. Their mimetic structure with that of the human protein allows them to have a specific impact on cellular receptors. Thereby which guarantees the best results. More so On the other hand, its main mechanism of action is not hormone-dependent.  So it is equally effective in men and women.

Applications: – Apply during seasonal hair loss and when the weakening process is noticeable (stress, changes of season, menopause)

Recommended daily application before going to bed on the scalp of the affected area, performing a gentle massage until it is absorbed.


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