Renice Sub Skin Dermal Fillers (1x10ml)



Renice Sub Skin Dermal Fillers

Renice Sub Skin Dermal Fillers a series of cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that are used to treat signs of ageing and breast enhancement. Also get the best of  Renice dermal fillers online Europe for a firm face. Offering that smile that will reflect your soft face. The Sub Skin range  a soft tissue filler developed to enhance the volume of breasts and buttocks. The Renice sub filler has other functions which Can also be used in rhinoplasty. Known as one of the best dermal fillers within Europe is very safe and also effective. Renice Sub Skin 1x20ml Ingredient include: Cross-Linked Hyaluronate Acid Gel As well as HA Concentration:24mg/ml And particle Size:1.25-2mm In regards to logevity in effect, it works for 8-12 months. Get dermal fillers online Europe


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