Sesderma Celulex Anti-Cellulite Gel 40000240



Sesderma Celulex Anti-Cellulite Gel 40000240

Sesderma Celulex Anti-Cellulite Gel 40000240, An effective cosmetic treatment must act (draining and tonifying) circulatory level. Also at the level of the connective tissue (restructuring) and at the level of the adipose tissue (lipotropic).

Celulex anti-cellulite gel contains specific active ingredients that Act on each of these levels. More so facilitating drainage as well as restructuring and tissue toning.

The Ivy (Hedera helix) and the tea green improve the circulating blood, facilitating the return venous and the drainage lymphatic.

Asian centella avoids the rigidity of fibers of collagen, favoring the tissue repair process, since it stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin.

L-carnitine and caffeine to favour the process of degradation of the present in adipose tissue triglyceride.

The extract of algae marine active the metabolism cell and revitalizes them tissues, to while favors the Elimination of toxins and liquids accumulated.

Celulex gel anti-cellulite, thanks to the action of its principles active, provides to the skin an aspect soft and flexible, increasing the elasticity and reducing the skin of Orange.

How to use

Daily apply a moderate amount of product in the affected areas, carrying out a small massage with circular bottom upward movements until the product is absorbed.

For accelerate them results, recommend apply the product two times to the day. More so by the morning and in the night, covering the skin with a film plastic.

It contains active principles specific and effective, such as Ivy, gotu Kola, as well as carnitine, caffeine and seaweed extract.


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